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How to print the walks programme or any other article?

If you want to print the walks programme you need to click on Walks in the menu and then select the format of walks listing that you prefer.

For instance

  • Walks Booklet will list walks in the same format as the booklet we send out
  • Table Format lists the walks in a table
  • Walks Programme/Area News Booklet allows you to see the latest Walks Booklet as a PDF document, you can then print all or individual pages
  • Sunday Shorter/Longer, Wednesday walks allows you to see a section of our walks programme

Using the Print button

For the options above that display a web page (and not a PDF document) there should be a Print button in the top right of the article. Click on this and a new window will be displayed with just the content of that article. Clicking the Print button on this page will allow you to print the article without all the secondary items normally displayed on a web page.

Printing a PDF Document

On the Walks Programme/Area News Booklet page these is a description of how to print a PDF document.


Do you need to print the Walks programme?

We now have test facility which is under the walks Calendar, should be on the right. This is a facility to download the walks calendar onto your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Just click on the download button. You need to open or import this file into your Calendar software. Unfortunately all the various calendar systems work differently so we cannot give you specific advice.

  • Mobile phone should just import the information without much trouble.
  • Tablets should be much the same.
  • For PCs (using software like Outlook or Thunderbird) you may need to save the file on your PC and then import it into the Calendar system

Do let us know how you get on. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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